Kids are changing

In 1996 a former American gang leader called Manish Gaur, not to be confused with the Indian scholar of the same name) completed a Masters thesis on the reasons why young people join gangs. His findings were that there is a very fine line between children treading a prosocial path, or taking the antisocial alternative. Resilience research also supports this.

Discernment is a crucial skill for kids to learn- and its not happening. The question is why?

The Serenity Prayer

Grant me the serenity 
to accept the things I cannot change; 
courage to change the things I can, 
and wisdom to know the difference.

Bernard Salt- Australian social Demographer, said recently that while Gen X has the most to lose in the GFC (global financial crisis!), Gen Y are famous for being KIPPERS (kids in parents pockets eroding retirement savings). He wonders whether the GFC will force them to grow up. He has also stated that ‘Noone has ever said No to Generation Y’.

Why is it that we are mollycoddling our kids and refusing to allow them to grow up and be RESPONSE-ABLE for their lives? They are starting work later, living at home longer , and we keep extending the number of years they have to stay at school. Why?

Resiliency research is pretty clear about the factors we need to integrate into the lives of our kids if we want them to be able to manage their own lives well.

Let them out. Get them out. Let them experience life and learn the skills and knowledge they don’t have. 

Support learning, not irresponsibility.


About jboydedu

The Australian Centre for Sustainability Literacy is a division of Julie Boyd and Associates, who have been working for three decades to educate students in becoming positively contributing world citizens. We use a careful integration of solid research and evidence from a broad range of fields across education, community, business and leadership to support the 7th Generation concept which says that all decisions need to be made for the benefit of 7 generations forward.
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