Why the only person who truly welcomes change is a wet baby

In Flirting With Disaster: Why Accidents Are Rarely Accidental   Dr. Marc Epstein wonders how is it that humans have survived this long.

He claims that humans are good at making decisions that are critical to their survival. Their strategy is to avoid the worst mistake, rather than to make the best decision.

A major reason for the occurrence of disasters is that as humans we often choose keeping our job, protecting our reputation, getting promoted, maintaining access to inside information, assuring college eduction for our children, preserving our house in a nice neighbourhood- all considerations that are neither trivial or discreditable for any of us- over actions, including truth telling, to the public that would risk some of these but potentially save thousands of other people’s lives. When confronted with looming catastrophes people within large organizations often think  somebody else will take care of this, and surely the top people know more than I do. It’s their job to take care of it and surely they will.

The truth is that there’s no likelihood at all that the leaders will take care of it. He hopes that the message readers will take from this book is that its up to me and if I don’t do it- it’s probably not going to get done.If the others aren’t going to do it. Maybe I’m the one who needs to do something.


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The Australian Centre for Sustainability Literacy is a division of Julie Boyd and Associates, who have been working for three decades to educate students in becoming positively contributing world citizens. We use a careful integration of solid research and evidence from a broad range of fields across education, community, business and leadership to support the 7th Generation concept which says that all decisions need to be made for the benefit of 7 generations forward.
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