Seventh Generation- a Native American Treaty worth transporting

In every deliberation we must consider the impact on the seventh generation.

From the Great Law of the Haudenosaunee

(Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy)

We should consider the effects of

All our actions, not merely on

The next generation,

But to the seventh generation

From our own-

Our great-grandchildren’s


This was part of a peace treaty which was negotiated by Chief Red Cloud which demonstrated the historical obligation of the present generation to contriburte to the well-being of future generations, and in particular the seventh generation, and moved into Native American folklore as a result. Native Americans, like other indigenous people around the world, draw their spirituality from the earth

Chief Oren Lyons, Faithkeeper of the Turtle Clan of the Onondaga Nation, places concern for the well-being of the seventh generation at the very center of tribal-national social ethical reflection when he identifies religiously given instructions for proper government and public policy reflection.

Concerning these religious instructions, Chief Lyons says:

Concerning these religious instructions, Chief Lyons says:

“When we were given these instructions, among many of them, one was that when you sit in council for the welfare of the people, you counsel for the welfare of that seventh generation to come. They should be foremost in your mind–not even your generation, not even yourself, but those that are unborn so that when their time comes here, they may enjoy the same thing that you are enjoying now.”

When the Latoka peoples of North America pray Mitakuye ouyasin (used similarly to amen in some western religion) i.e. ‘For all my relations’, they understand relatives to be not just tribal members but all of creation

A Call To Consciousness on CLIMATE CHANGE- Chief Oren Lyons


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