Penny Wong spoke last night on Q & A about the need to diversify our economy. I’ve a fan of Hazel Henderson’s since the 1980’s along with Paul Hawken’s views (see posts below May 2009) I’ve also long been a fan of Paul Krugman, Nobel prize winner for Economics. (also see previous posts below) Check US unemployment graph below and Krugman’s comments on his blog if you believe the spin that they are coming out of the ‘crisis’. Krugman introduced us to the concept of a ‘society of moral hazards’ which is an economic term! There are suggestions that the GFC is about to hit another massive brick wall and the pollies are trying desperately to keep a lid on info about that.
(Click on the square below- for some reason the graph won’t read on the site but will open in a new window)


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The Australian Centre for Sustainability Literacy is a division of Julie Boyd and Associates, who have been working for three decades to educate students in becoming positively contributing world citizens. We use a careful integration of solid research and evidence from a broad range of fields across education, community, business and leadership to support the 7th Generation concept which says that all decisions need to be made for the benefit of 7 generations forward.
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