Creating a Happy Planet

One of the best TED talks around looks at why we need to be looking at reframing our thinking around climate change away from fear and into a more positive mindset. This talk uses many of the same ideas being talked about by Hazel Henderson in the 1990’s (see May 14, 2009 post below)

This is a summary of the talk as provided by a US newsreader

To see the actual TED talk and also the Robert Kennedy speech that was referred to in this talk go to the following link
Australia came in 102nd on the Happy Planet Index A very large ecological footprint – one of the worst of the 143 countries surveyed – is to blame for the poor result.


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The Australian Centre for Sustainability Literacy is a division of Julie Boyd and Associates, who have been working for three decades to educate students in becoming positively contributing world citizens. We use a careful integration of solid research and evidence from a broad range of fields across education, community, business and leadership to support the 7th Generation concept which says that all decisions need to be made for the benefit of 7 generations forward.
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