2010 hottest, wettest year on record

2010 hottest, wettest year on record, say climatologists http://t.co/vkhUuD8 via @guardian
Not only the warmest on record, but the wettest, with several other near
highs as well, such as snow blizzards in Europe and extent of arctic ice
melt, all predicted consequences of global warming (wetter because of more
moisture in the air in a hotter world, more blizzards in Europe because of
the new arctic high pressure zone developing as the ice free oceans soak up
Lester Brown of World Future Society writes about the impending Great Food Crisis of 2011 

As the new year begins, the price of wheat is setting an all-time high in the United Kingdom. 

Food riots are spreading across Algeria. Russia is importing grain to sustain its cattle herds until spring grazing begins. 

India is wrestling with an 18-percent annual food inflation rate, sparking protests. 

China is looking abroad for potentially massive quantities of wheat and corn. 

The Mexican government is buying corn futures to avoid unmanageable tortilla price rises. 

And on January 5, the U.N. Food and Agricultural organization announced that its food price index for December hit an all-time high.

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