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This international organisation collects millions of signatures on petitions on issues ranging from Nuclear Proliferation to Climate Change ad presents them to world leaders.
Dictatorial behaviour on the part of the NSW State Govt is severely threatening democracy in the state by removing voters right with the rapid sweep of a pen at the behest of international interests. Please consider signing the above petition.

Hastings Point is a tiny village of about 450 people on the north coast of NSW which sits on a pristine estuary and headland in one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in Australia. The Tweed Valley purportedly has greater diversity than Kakadu.

The village is under extreme threat from predatory overdevelopment. Local residents currently have 3 courtcases on the go which we are self-funding (costing tens of thousands of dollars) as well as working hard to educate Councillors and Staff in order to address systemic faults which have caused this mess in the first place.

If you are able to help by donating a lump sum or even $10 a month to help us save one of the most beautiful coastlines in Australia please drop some dollars into the Save Hastings Point account. Every contribution is deeply appreciated, no matter how small.

Save Hastings Point, Southern Cross Credit Union  BSB   802185  Ac No 130906

Democracy In Australia

One would think that democracy is an accepted right in Australia. Apparently not in NSW where legislation is about to be rushed through to do 2 things

1. validate land deals where the government has sold out local communities appallingly.

2. give a foreign racing car franchise run of the Tweed Valley’s pristine heritage areas for the next 10 years.

Why- money of course. Even if it’s not real money, just figures plucked from the ether, that has more weight than the health and wellbeing of NSW residents- animal and human!


From John Seed

Friends, Ruth and Neil have produced a great 4-minute filmclip on utube for our campaign to save the elephants of south India. Featuring wildlife photography by Shekar Dattatri and hiphop “Ganesh is Fresh” by MC Yogi, it summarises the issue and directs you to a website where,  in less than a minute, you can send emails to dozens of decision makers who can, if they wish, protect these elephants (and the 5000 square kilometers of rainforest where they roam). . Please forward this to any friends
who might want to spend a few minutes helping the wild elephants of South India.

Check out the NO DAM at Tillgra website and help with writing letters

Sign this petition to help stop the shooters getting into our National Parks.